Monday, March 21, 2011

Operation Prom Dress 2011

All I can say is this is truly AWESOME!!  This is amazing that girls can come and get a a FREE prom dress, shoes and accessories.  This wouldn't be possible for some and this great organization makes it happen for so many girls.

I also had something amazing happen this day.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  God has a plan for everyone and we may not know the hows, what's and when that plan will happen.  But I had to leave early from this event and I just got home from Operation Prom Dress and I pulled up to my house and there was a woman parked in from t of my house that yelled and ran from one side of her truck to another. I went up to the vehicle to see if everything was OK and there were 2 11 year old twin girls that were having seizures.  I was an EMT in for 4 years and knew exactly what to do.  I helped get them out of it and then rode with them to there house to keep them alert. They were really excited when they realized they were with a real princess!! I was happy that I was able to help and really made there day by signing some pictures for them. Grandma called me an "Angel with a Crown"

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