Friday, March 25, 2011

Cure kids Cancer

In our community over the past 3 days there has been the Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon.  Over the past couple of days I had been listening to all the different stories, some with happy endings and some that did not end well.  While listening, I thought "What can I do to help, How can I make a difference?"  So I contacted Sanford Children's Hospital and they immediately wanted me to come and help.  I thought if I can put the smile on some children's faces that have been through things that many of us can not image, if I can take their minds off what they are going through for just a moment, then that is all that matters.  It was my honor to be apart of this day and it brought many tears to peoples eyes when at the end of the Radiothon the total amount raised was announced, an astounding $231,965.00 in 3 days!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Miss SDSU/Miss Brookings Pageant 2011

This was really fun for me to be able to attend this pageant and watch all of these amazing young women!