Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Great Cloth Diaper Change Guiness Book of World Record Attempt

I was asked to be a witness to the world record attempt.  There were over 450 locations around the world that were participated.  The attempt was to have the most babies changed into a cloth diaper simultaneously! 

Truly Unique Girls & Boys Pageant

I got to be a judge at the pageant and met a group of amazing girls! Congratulations to you all!!

Princess Ball

I had so much fun attend the Princess Ball at the Dance Studio. It was fun watching the little girls teach their dance partners to dance!!

Mix 97.3 Radio Staion Visit

I want to thank Ben and Patty from 97.3 for having me at the Station.  I talked about a benefit that I was helping with for a young man that was injured in an accident and broke his back.  The 25 year old man has a newborn baby at home and also lost his job do to his injuries.  Thanks for helping me spread the word.